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Of all the resources in today’s business and professional world, your data can be the most valuable – and also the most vulnerable. That is why Konica Minolta offers lock down protection with bizhub® SECURE: a set of enhanced password and data security measures to give your bizhub MFP an extra level of security. We offer professional safeguard services for both our full size and small MFPs that will be provided by your Konica Minolta field engineer. Ensure that your data is more than just secure – it is bizhub SECURE!

Established in 1998

Level 2 BBEEE Accredited

Konica Minolta Support Certification

Authorised Konica Minollta Dealer

3. Shipping

KMCS is a company that provides grade A customer service, We have the capability to ship to you where ever it may be in the country with our nation wide shipping plans..

4. Installation

With our national footprint we can deliver and install equipment and software to all major cities nation wide

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