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Give your company’s document management the full benefit of cloud-based storage with Konica Minolta’s Connect to Microsoft SharePoint app. Once logged into your SharePoint account, you can use the MFP panel to upload documents to the selected library and print SharePoint documents. This secure app makes document storing simple and efficient, even supporting Advanced OCR for easier file processing. Users can even specify important settings, such as:

  • Scan resolution
  • Scan background removal level
  • PDF encryption
  • Stamp configuration

You have easy access to all your SharePoint folders and can navigate through sub-folders with ease, thanks to the user-friendly finger-swipe interface. Experience all the benefits that the Connect to Microsoft SharePoint app can bring to your company’s workflow today.


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3. Shipping

KMCS is a company that provides grade A customer service, We have the capability to ship to you where ever it may be in the country with our nation wide shipping plans..

4. Installation

With our national footprint we can deliver and install equipment and software to all major cities nation wide

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